Welcome to the "van der Laan Fiat 500 parts" website.

Nice of you to come look at the website of Leo and Carolien van der Laan.

My job was manager in a car repair shop holding 12 employees after 21 years of painting cars.
Since november 2009 we are fulltime in our Fiat 500 shop.

The love for the Fiat 500 was kindled by my wife Carolien. She loved the fiat 500 even before we met.
This was the start of a great and extensive hobby we gently rolled into and before we knew it, the
Fiat 500 virus had struck.

Because it's such a nice hobby we have started a store at first but grew and added the webshop
a couple of years back.
We greatly enjoy this and hope to contribute to your Fiat 500 hobby pleasure.
All parts are delivered from stock (1957-1975)
resulting in fast delivery at your home !!

Kind regards,
Leo en Carolien van der Laan